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    Dr Iona Weir’s scientifically developed, clinically proven natural skincare solutions. Discover the power of plant stem-cell patented technology and nature to transform your skin.

    Our revolutionary product range

    Science and nature, working together

    Atopis® is a unique, completely natural approach to skincare that combines the power of potent botanical ingredients with world-leading skincare technology and science to help strengthen your skin’s in-born ability to rebalance and restore itself.

    Our unique patented ingredient Myrecil® uses plant stem cell technology to deliver transformative skincare results, clinically superior to topical retinol – without the side effects.

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    Our story & vision

    After more than 30 years’ in a successful career in cell biology and plant science research, award-winning New Zealand scientist Dr Iona Weir set her sights on creating a range of high performance solutions to address common skin concerns like rosacea, acne, skin-ageing, hyperpigmentation and eczema.

    Her vision was to invent and globally patent a multi-faceted botanical ferment that could effectively rebalance the skin microbiome, slow cell death and support immune function to create lasting skin change.

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