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Our skin creams are 100% natural, unique and award winning.
Here’s why they actually work:

During 20 years of ground breaking science using organic New Zealand botanicals we’ve developed a world-first 3 phase therapy that takes place within your skin…and added this patented technology to every skin cream.

Our skin creams all contain our patented key ingredient Myriphytase, which is a healing botanical ferment made of all natural ingredients invented by our chief Scientist and co-founder of Atopis, Dr Iona Weir.

In a world first Dr Weir also discovered how to use probiotic bacteria found in New Zealand’s native forests to modulate your skins microbiome to restore your skin to a natural healthy balance.

Probiotics are encapsulated in prebiotics which protect and support micro flora.


Beneficial bacteria rebalance skin and inhibit harmful microbes.


Our botanical extracts are fermented for enhanced bioactivity and conjugated with lipids for optimal absorption.


What our customers have to say about our skin creams

From Sun Damage to Smooth Skin

I grew up in the 60s and like many others, my skin is sun damaged. I have solar keratosis, large brown patches on my cheeks and across my eyebrows. The patches over my eyebrow became scaley and flakey like dandruff of the skin! Eww!

I liked the fact Atopis was new and unconnected to the big pharmaceutical companies. I also like that it was made from natural products, I could read the list of ingredients and they weren’t from a periodic table!

Now I’m very happy with how the brown patches look, especially the ones above my eyebrows. The yucky, scaley, flakey skin has disappeared and the area feels softer, not like crocodile skin. I found any scratches and blemishes I got disappeared too. What really got my attention was a nasty looking yellow cyst on my lower eyelid. The doctor wouldn’t touch it because it was too close to the my eye. After a few weeks of using the Anti-Aging cream it completely disappeared. That was what finally sold me on Atopis products. The deal breaker!

Toni Stritzke

My Skin Feels Happy

I always had spots around my chin as well as the occasional ones on my forehead and around my nose if I was having a really bad streak. They were always red and painful and not easy to hide, they would take days to calm down but by then I’d have more! Not fun when you’re in your mid 30’s and everyone else has finished with their acne stage. Now, I only get a spot or two occasionally but for the right reasons like if I eat badly or if I’m hormonal or even if it’s a super humid day – like ‘normal’ skin!


The Best Skin Creams I've Ever Used

At age 38 I’ve been battling hormonal acne for about 25 years.  I’ve tried everything, from natural methods to harsh chemicals and external and internal drugs.  In all of that time I’ve never found a solution that worked as well as Atopis.  I began as a complete skeptic and bought only the acne prone skin cream.  When I had amazing results I bought their cleanser, toner, and radiant balance cream.  My skin has never looked and felt this good in 25 years!  Thank you Atopis.

Karen Brummer

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When colour matters

When colour makes a huge difference At Atopis we are often asked about the colour of our skin creams.  Why are they not white, or a standardised colour like other creams? Many 'natural' skin creams are bleached white or have colour added for a uniform appearance so...

Why are some people more prone to Acne?

Part Two: Why are some people more prone to acne? Acne vulgaris is a skin condition that involves lots of pimples and redness. It's usually seen on the face, but can also occur on the back, chest, and neck. Acne can have a serious negative impact on self-esteem and...

Understanding Acne

Part One: How does an acne pimple work? Understanding how acne pimples form will be key to understanding the best treatments for acne. Pimples form in something called the pilosebaceous unit, which includes the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous...

Cravings before your period? Here’s Why

In the week before your menstrual cycle begins, the hormonal activity begins to fluctuate causing intense food cravings, breakouts, and mood swings.  When we experience food cravings, it is actually a sign that the body is telling you it needs nutrients. During the...

Fighting Cellular Ageing with Pine Bark

Pinus Radiata, or pine bark is a powerful antioxidant that heals and repairs sun-damaged skin and fades age spots. Antioxidants are critical in neutralising free radicals to prevent cellular damage. Antioxidants are potent anti-inflammatories, and reduce redness...

The Amazing Kiwifruit

By Dr Iona Weir PhDChief Scientist and CEOAtopis Skincare   In my early days working as a Scientist I developed techniques that would allow for high-throughput screening of the DNA and biochemistry of individual cells and applied this to kiwifruit breeding. This...

Karen’s Journey to Healthy Skin

Hi, my name is Karen, and this is my journey to healthy skin. I’d had acne as a teenager and in my 20’s, but things didn’t get really bad until I was about 34. My hormonal acne was worse than anything I’d experienced before, and I set myself a mission to heal my skin...

A Digital Attack on the Face?

The following information may come as a shock. Who would have thought that the screens on our phones/laptops/tablets were causing our skin some serious damage!? It takes a person 15 minutes on average before they check their phone in the morning not to mention the...

Three-phase Therapy for your Skin

  When we say we are natural, we are. We ensure that the plants we source are not changed but keep the original state as they were in the New Zealand forest. Instead of using solvents, or traditional extraction methods, we use nature’s own processes to fuse...

Recovering A Clear & Clean Complexion: Jo’s Skincare Journey

Could you please give us some background on your skin and the journey you’ve been through with it? As a teenager I had great skin, I'm probably the opposite of most people! It only started to cause me problems as I got older actually, in my late 20's really. I...

What is Milia? And Do You Have It?

Milia – Those Bumps aren’t Acne! If you haven’t heard of Milia it looks like small bumps that commonly form around sensitive skin places such as the eyes. It is not rare to develop a singular milium or a crop of Milia at some stage in our life, but the appearance of...

The Critters That May Cause Rosacea

Our face is home to a whole ecosystem of microscopic creatures! These critters are mostly harmless. In fact, they are actually quite helpful - generally speaking their job is to eat dead skin cells, helping to rid the face of waste. However, a growing body of medical...

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