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    Our story & vision

    After more than 30 years’ in a successful career in cell biology, New Zealand scientist Dr Iona Weir set her sights on creating a range of high performance solutions to address persistent, challenging skin concerns like rosacea, acne, skin-ageing, hyperpigmentation and eczema.

    Drawing on her extensive background in programmed plant cell death (apoptosis) and immunology pathways, Dr Weir invented and globally patented a unique botanical ferment, Myrecil®, that could transform skin at a cellular level for vibrant, healthy, glowing skin.

    In 2017, Dr Weir launched Atopis® skincare – her vision was to push the boundaries of biotechnology to create highly efficacious, natural, synergistic and sustainable skincare solutions for all skin types.

    Only GOOD ingredients – our promise

    We believe that improving the condition of your skin should never come at a cost to your health, your immune system – or the environment. 

    Atopis® skincare is made in New Zealand and is 100% free of parabens, fillers, solvents, fragrance, silicone, SLS or synthetic chemicals. We never use palm-oil based ingredients or animal-derived ingredients, and for any ingredients we can’t make ourselves, we ‘fair trade’ source them to ensure they are both ethical and sustainable.

    Read more about why you’ll never find the #DirtyDozen in Atopis skincare. 


    The unique power of Myrecil®

    Our patented botanical ferment, Myrecil® has been scientifically proven to outperform topical retinol – but without the side effects of retinol. Retinoids are popular in the cosmetic industry due to their ability to slow cell division and death and support immune function, but they can also trigger unwelcome side effects like redness, irritation, sun sensitivity and itching.

    Using high-tech cellular science, Myrecil® creates retinoid-like activity in your skin cells to boost hyaluronic acid production, rebalance the microbiome, alter cellular immune responses and promote powerful cell renewal.

    Our sustainability journey

    Over the past 30 years, our founder Dr Iona Weir has worked as a scientist on a number of exciting conservation and sustainability initiatives, including the development of sustainable packaging solutions, and the remediation of toxic mining sites across various Oceanic countries. She’s also visited palm oil plantations in Indonesia and seen firsthand the environmental impact of palm oil production – which is why you’ll never find palm oil in our products!

    Sustainability is a deep value of Atopis, and it’s inherent in all that we do. Read more about our sustainability journey.