Innovative, 100% Natural Skincare, Made in New Zealand.

Clinically Trialled on Humans. Not Tested on Animals.

Atopis® rebalances your skin microbiome, restores skin hydration and elasticity, and renews your radiant youthful glow.

Atopis skincare products triple action rejuvenates skins natural beauty.

  • REBALANCES the skin microbiome with its prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic complex to calm sensitive skin, clear blemishes and reduce redness.
  • RESTORES skin lipid barrier with Peptilipids™ for improved skin elasticity and intense rejuvenating hydration.
  • RENEWS youthful glow with Myrecil™ retinol-like activity for plumper, smoother, healthy glowing skin.

The Atopis skincare range is designed to support:
Normal skin, hormonal, menopausal, mature, dry sun damaged, rosacea prone, eczema prone, acne prone and sensitive skin.

Atopis® Skincare is Made in New Zealand using the power of potent botanical ingredients and science and is free of parabens, fillers, solvents, fragrance, silicone, SLS or synthetic chemicals.

Solutions for all skin conditions

Atopis® Skincare is scientifically proven to transform skin.

Invented and patented by Atopis® founder and biomedical scientist Dr Iona Weir, Myrecil™ uses plant stem cell technology to deliver skincare results clinically superior to topical retinols — without the side effects of sun sensitivity or harsh reactions.

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