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Cleanser + Toner Duo


The Ultimate Skin Prep Duo

The Thoroughly Gentle Cleanser leaves the skin feeling soft and calm – never dry or irritated.

Plus a Revitalizing Toner to prep your skin and enhance the effectiveness of your moisturizer.

Made In New Zealand

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2 reviews for Cleanser + Toner Duo

  1. lesleyjobson

    Age 60+, I use this twice a week – it makes my skin soft and feeling great. Has reduced the hormonal breakouts on my chin too. I was previously using competitor products which were more harsh than good for my skin. I highly recommend this mask.

  2. Natascha

    I already loved the Aftermask, but when coupled with the exfoliator it leaves my skin feeling amazing. I have used Atopis for years and always recommend them, but this is definitely one of my favourite combos. It smoothes the skin and seems to make the Aftermask even more effective.

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