Clinical Trials Demonstrate Atopis Skincare Really Works

Nature itself and 27 years of cutting edge research led to the invention of Atopis’ scientifically proven skincare technology.

It’s not just any skincare product…It actually works!

Creator of Atopis Dr. Iona Weir has always been passionate about using nature to formulate a product that helps people. 27 years of her hard work paid off when the results of clinical trials showed Atopis was effective in relieving skin disorders.

Atopis is specifically formulated to:

  • be full of bioactive and unique New Zealand botanicals
  • contain proprietary technology whereby natural plant defence mechanisms are harnessed to slow cell death and control immune responses in human skin
  • contain proprietary organic molecules that repair and protect skin
  • be effective for the long-term, safe management of atopic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne

Dr Iona Weir

Not Just 1, But 2 Successful Human Clinical Trials

“Any scientific breakthrough needs to be thoroughly tested to make sure the science behind it actually works.” – Dr. Iona Weir

Iona’s Atopis formula undertook two successful clinical trials, the results of which were analysed by Dr. Carl Donavan of DMP Statistics based at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Here’s what happened when Atopis was clinically trialled on eczema sufferers:

Eczema Clinical Trial 1 (New Zealand):

  • A 62-person double-blinded, placebo-controlled eczema clinical trial was successfully completed in New Zealand in February 2016, by Southern Clinical Trials Group Ltd.
  • Atopis consistently performed better than an emollient treatment when the improvement of eczema symptoms was measured.
  • Atopis achieved clinical significance for the improvement of eczema symptoms.
  • Eczema sufferers noticed a reduction in their eczema to a greater extent, while the emollient users noticed little change to their eczema.



Eczema Clinical Trial 2 (USA):

  • A five-week, single-blinded eczema clinical trial was conducted in the United States.
  • The trial was targeted at moderate eczema and demonstrated a significant clinical improvement for each symptom in reducing the size and number of lesions, redness, itching and skin irritation.
  • It significantly improved the quality of life of trial participants with no serious adverse events or side effects observed.
  • The trial showed a significant reduction in the severity of eczema, decrease in itching, Improvement in skin quality, decrease in redness and decrease in scaling.


Conclusions published in the scientific community from these clinical trials:

‘Topical application of Atopis study product for five weeks appears to be effective for treatment of mild to moderate eczema as it significantly reduced the appearance of lesions as well as symptoms associated including itching, scaling, and redness. The study product was safe and tolerable for twice a day application as no adverse events were reported.’ – International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients.


Although our clinical trials only focused on eczema our FDA registered Atopis creams can also be used for many different skin complaints.