Eczema on leg's knee area taken before Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream was used.

Eczema on leg's knee area taken after Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream was used within weeks.

Eczema on leg's thigh area taken before Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream was used.

Eczema on leg's thigh taken after Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream was used within weeks.

Very itchy and weeping eczema on upper arms before Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream was used.

Upper arm showing skin calm and weeping sores gently healing within a week of using Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream.

Images showing the effect Atopis dry itchy skin relief cream has had on our customers. Discover Atopis relief for you and your family. (*)

eczema and psoriasis

Eczema and other dry skin conditions such as psoriasis are a real concern for people of all ages – the itching and irritation, the broken skin, the sores and the self-consciousness are all things that affect people who suffer from these conditions.

Eczema is very common, 1 in 5 New Zealand children will suffer from eczema, while that number reduces to 1 in 7 for adults.

Over 17.8 million Americans alone have eczema, of which 1 in 5 are children.

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What Is Eczema and psoriasis

The best thing I've had in the last year when I suddenly got psoriasis all over has been Atopis. Nothing from my doctors worked whatsoever! Their prescriptions made me itch more. This cream is my Holy Grail, my legs took one slather of this cream and I didn't itch and I cleaned up nice on my legs! I recommend this 100%!! Amazing! - Julia, 33, Canterbury

* (please note results may vary from person to person)

Dry Itchy Skin Cream

Natural eczema relief

Eczema prone skin-types Clinically shown to rapidly relieve dry itchy, irritated skin and reduce redness. Within two weeks of use, this potent all-natural therapy promotes cell renewal, hydrates and restores the skin leaving your skin feeling soft and no longer dry and itchy. Atopis works in synergy with your immune system so you stop reacting to environmental triggers.


I’ve been using Atopis to soothe my eczema, which comes up in small patches on my legs and arms during the warmer months. After using Atopis for one night, I immediately noticed the difference – the hit of moisture took the dryness away and the redness (sometimes around broken skin) seemed to look less severe. After a few days, my eczema disappeared altogether. I love that it’s natural and saves me from using steroid creams that change the pigment of my skin. - Daisy, 27, Canterbury ”

Daisy deals to her eczema More testimonials
Dry Itchy Skin Cream

Experience for yourself the transformation from dry, itchy and irritated skin associated with eczema and psoriasis; to having smooth, healthy, balanced and restored skin... without harsh chemicals

Successfully proven in two Eczema Clinical Trials on human subjects in the USA and New Zealand.
Safe for every day, long-term use by adults and children.

100% natural - Steroid-Free, No Parabens, No Solvents

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Comfortable in your own skin

This soothing cream is clinically proven to relieve itchy, scaly and reduce flare-ups in moderate eczema.

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Manage childhood eczema

Atopis dry itch relief is safety approved and clinically shown to be safe and gentle for use on children

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Using the science of nature

Kind on the skin 100% natural, evidence-based products


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