Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We love nature!

Atopis skin creams contain only ethically sourced ingredients.

Our Chief Scientist and CEO Dr Iona Weir personally collects the plants for her skin creams from the forest on her own property near New Zealand’s west coast, and works closely with nearby local Iwi – Maori who protect New Zealand’s unique native forests to collect sustainably and ensure all plants and trees used are not harmed.

New Zealand ingredients in every tube of Atopis skin cream can be traced to it’s source location in the forest.

Every ingredient is edible. (We don’t recommend eating our skin creams, they are formulated for skin health, not flavour.)

Iona sources packaging for her skin care products made from environmentally friendly Sugar Cane “plastic”.

Normal plastic is made using petrochemicals which release carbon into the atmosphere. In contrast, sugar cane as it grows removes carbon and is renewable.

After a lot of research on different companies, she found one where the entire factory sustainable.

During manufacture the waste sugar cane husks are used to fuel the factory, ensuring that the entire process is carbon neutral and sustainable.

Our sugarcane tubes are also 100% recyclable – just put them in your recycling bin along with your other recycling.

These are then packaged in cardboard boxes from the South island’s only producer of boxes that have Enviromark registration.

And finally, all our products are be shipped to you in black biodegradable courier bags. These simply break down in your compost – we’ve tested these and found that unlike other ‘degradable’ bags we’ve tested, they do actually break down completely like all the other plant and vegetable matter in your compost.