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Commonly asked questions

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Is Atopis safe for children? Absolutely. We designed Atopis with children in mind. This is why we chose 100% natural and safe ingredients. We do not and will never use harsh chemicals or steroids in Atopis and keep our entire product range chemical free.  Its benefits will be obvious for both adults and children.

What if Atopis gets in my child’s mouth? Don’t worry, Atopis is safe to be applied to children’s hands and it is harmless if the child makes hand-to-mouth contact. The all-natural ingredients mean it is safe if it is accidentally ingested.

What skin complaints will Atopis Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream help with? You can use Atopis on any itchy, flaky, dry, cracked, irritable skin, especially when associated with eczema and psoriasis. The myriphytase extract in Atopis is clinically shown to help boost your skin immune response. Although our clinical trials only focused on eczema, Atopis can also be used for many different skin complaints.

My dog has got eczema – could I try it on him/her? Yes. Atopis is trialed on humans, so it is safe. Because it is a naturally formulated product it will not harm your dog, even if they succeed in licking it off.

Why is eczema itchy? It can be mild, moderate, or severe. Generally, people with eczema suffer from dry, sensitive skin. Eczema is also known for its intense itch. The itch may be so bad that you scratch your skin until it bleeds, which can make your rash even worse, leading to even more inflammation and itching.

How much Atopis should I use? Unlike emollients and other creams, Atopis contains 10% pure, highly concentrated myriphytase extract and another 12% of bioactive oils and shea butter. So you only need to use a thin layer as the cream has been specially formulated to go a long way.

Will Atopis react with my current medication? Some people, especially those on steroids or other prescribed medication do experience a reaction. For example, a customer with eczema on her hands experienced a reaction where her hands were red and sore. She decided not to give up and push through and in a couple of days Atopis Dry Itchy Skin Relief cream stopped reacting and now her hands are almost clear and they are the best they have ever been. She has dramatically reduced the use of steroids.

What do I do if I am having a reaction?  We have designed the cream to work with, or without, prescribed medications. Some customers find that Atopis works very well combined with other medication, whereas others have paused using prescribed products, like steroids, to give Atopis a chance. If your reaction does not stop within a couple of days, you could try pausing your other medication for a couple of days. Depending on your condition, you should always consult with your Doctor or health professional before stopping any prescribed medications.

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