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    I have hormonal acne breakouts, which product would suit me?

    August 20th, 2020

    Try Atopis Acne Prone Skin Cream or Atopis Radiant Balance cream – or both in combination. The two creams work well in synergy. If using both creams together, use the Acne Prone Skin Cream as a serum (applying it to the needed areas), then applying the Radiant Balance over top. For extra hydration and to support acne-prone skin, try pairing your Radiant Balance cream with our Radiance Enhancing Face Oil.

    Note: Please allow up to a month to rebalance the oil ratio in your skin. When you first start using Atopis Acne Prone Skin Cream, the product will begin clearing out bacteria that has been lying dormant in your skin cells.  When this dormant bacteria is released from the blocked sebum gland it can sometimes result in pimples that are feeding off the old oil deposits. This will eventually calm down as your sebum glands rebalance.