Hi, my name is Karen, and this is my journey to healthy skin.

I’d had acne as a teenager and in my 20’s, but things didn’t get really bad until I was about 34.

My hormonal acne was worse than anything I’d experienced before, and I set myself a mission to heal my skin and any hormonal imbalances that were contributing to my acne.

Many days I was so embarrassed by my skin with huge swollen red pimples all over my face that I didn’t even want to leave the house.

I tried everything.  I was swayed towards natural products at first but when I found that the products I tried didn’t work, I gave up on that and was prepared to try literally anything.

When I say I’ve tried everything, I really mean it.  I’ve tried the “no wash” method where you don’t touch you skin at all, not even with water, for at least 2 months.  I’ve tried the “oil cleansing” method for another couple of months.  I’ve tried lots of different natural products.  I’ve tried over the counter medicines and skin creams. I’ve been on prescription only drugs, ranging from the Pill, antibiotics (big mistake!), and Accutane – the most hardcore acne drug around, according to my doctor.

I found all of the drugs worked in varying degrees, but with in some cases huge side effects.  I had no acne, but my lips and mouth were so dry I could barely talk, my eyes were always dry and red, and basically I hadn’t found a real solution – I’d only covered up one problem and created another.

I desperately wanted clear skin and to be honest when I first heard of Atopis from a friend I wrote it off as just another natural product that probably doesn’t really work.

It was only when I started to read more about their scientific discoveries and inventions that I became interested.

My husband, who has a science background finally had a look at the scientific stuff for me and told me that the Atopis products actually used really different science to any other product I’d used – the fact that he was really impressed with the science was enough for me to take the plunge and buy some products to try.  (It takes a real scientific breakthrough or something special to impress him when it comes to that kind of thing!)

When my first product arrived, the Acne Prone Skin Cream, I put it on my skin straight away.  I could actually see a difference in my skin within the first few hours.  Even my husband commented after a couple of days that my skin was looking a lot better.

A few days after starting the Acne Prone cream, I did experience the breakouts that they talk about.  My skin did apparently need to get rid of a lot of junk that was already in there, and I got a bit disheartened after a few weeks!

I’m so thankful I decided to hang in there though.  A few more weeks later and my skin was looking better than it had for years.  I was still getting the occasional pimple but it was way better than it had been in recent memory.

At this point I got an email saying Atopis had come out with a cleanser and toner, so I decided to go all in and got the cleanser, toner, acne prone cream, and radiant balance (I even got one of their packs with an anti-aging cream and I still use this as my eye cream – it’s lasted ages!).

It wasn’t until I started to use all the products together that my skin showed a really huge improvement.

It must be true that their products work in synergy with each other because that definitely seemed to be the case for my skin.

I don’t wear any make up any more except sometimes mascara or eyeshadow – nothing to cover up my skin.

I never believed this would have been possible before trying Atopis.

Thank you so much to the Atopis team and especially Dr Iona who came up with it all – I don’t know where I’d be without you guys, probably still hiding out in my house!

Take a look at the Atopis skin care products that Karen used to get healthy skin:

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