We looked to nature to discover the solution to your skin issues


27 years of innovation, science and good old fashioned hard work has gone into every tube of Atopis skin cream

We think all humans should have access to natural, organic solutions to skin problems that are not only proven to work but aren’t tested on animals.

Atopis chief scientist, CEO and co-founder, Iona always knew that there was magic in New Zealand’s plant life and micro-flora.

After all New Zealand’s famed natural environment has evolved in isolation over millions of years – so is completely unique to the rest of the planet.

The Atopis story began when Iona wanted to provide natural formulations of plant extracts that soothed the skin irritations of her children…but nothing on the market worked!

Being an entrepreneurial scientist Iona took things into her own hands and set to work formulating product using extracts from the native forest near her house. Her “home lab” was her girls play house, filled with second hand lab equipment, her enthusiastic daughters became her willing research assistants – and in this nurturing environment the basis of Atopis Skincare was formed.

Dr Iona Weir

Iona already had  a track record of creating beneficial natural products from New Zealand ingredients for various research institutes and biotechs. Now that she saw how effective her home-made skin creams were, here was the chance for her to combine her twin passions of science and really helping people under her own company that reflected her morals and values.

New Zealand’s bio-active native plants, soil bacteria and fungi extracts underpin the formulation of all Atopis skin-creams – but what really makes them stand out is their mode of action and how they work in synergy with your immune response.


This is where the science gets sexy…


Having trained as a cellular biologist, years of research into the human immune system and how it is modulated, activated and supressed allowed Iona to work out the underlying causes of eczema, acne, hormonal skin, rosacea and premature aging.

After 27 years of research, Iona, with the help of New Zealand’s native species was able to create a synergistic product that targeted every single cause.

She began formulating these skin creams that are so natural you can eat them with a science-minded group of local mothers deep in the foothills of Auckland’s Waitakere ranges.

With love they come to you.