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    New! AtopisMed Acne Prone Skin Gel

    USD $31.00

    Get control with new AtopisMed Acne Prone Skin Gel.

    • AtopisMed is the new dermatological-grade formulation of the breakthrough science behind regular Atopis.
    • Unlike harsh acne treatments, our gentle Acne Prone Skin Gel restores the good bacteria to your microbiome as well eliminating harmful ones, bringing back your skin’s natural balance
    • AtopisMed also regulates your sebum gland, stopping overproduction of skin oils.
    • Gentle yet potent, AtopisMed Acne Prone Skin Gel is clinically effective for getting persistent acne and similar skin problems under control so you can get on with life.
    • New gel formulation so you only need to apply in a thin layer.
    • Breaks the acne cycle, improves skin texture, reduces blemishes.
    • Contains our globally patented multi-action Myrecil™ as well as prebiotic, probiotic, and natural immunity-supporting ingredients.
    • Does NOT contain any steroids,  solvents, artificial fragrances, parabens, or other common irritants found in other skincare ranges.
    • So safe you can use AtopisMed Acne Prone Skin Gel long term if needed.
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    AtopisMed Acne prone skin gel is clinically shown to reduce redness, soften acne scars, rebalance sebum gland production and reduce blemishes – giving you the healthy, sustainably clear skin you dream of!

    Our popular Acne Prone Skin gel contains Atopis’ US-patented botanical ferment Myrecil®, which is synergistically combined with powerful natural anti-oxidant Totarol®, astringent hazelnut oil, antioxidant flavonoid-rich Propolis and manuka honey to regulate the skin’s sebum production and restore the all-important microbiome balance. Atopis Kawakawa extract helps to reduce redness and scarring, while salicylic acid gently exfoliates skin, unclogs pores and inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

    For best results

    Apply a thin layer on affected areas twice daily. For teenagers, the gel can safely be used all over the face and body without additional moisturizer. Adults should use this gel as a serum where prone to acne before applying Radiant Balance Cream or Intensive Restore Cream. Do not smother.

    • Reduces the appearance of blemishes including redness and scarring, and rebalances sebum gland production, clearing skin.
    • Rebalances optimal bacteria balance on the skin, restoring skin’s microbiome.
    • Leaves skin looking healthier.
    • Helps reduce itchiness and discomfort of acne.

    Myrecil® Botanical Ferment (Cocos nucifera (coconut) water, Bee pollen, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil), Notofagus fuca (honeydew) honey, Propolis); Aqua; Glycerin; Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil; Cetearyl Alcohol; Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate; Corylus Americana (Hazelnut) Seed Oil; Mel; Cetearyl Glucoside; Benzyl Alcohol; Macropiper Excelsum Leaf Extract; Totarol; Propolis Extract; Salicylic Acid; Dehydroacetic Acid; Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract.

    Essential oil (parfum) : Citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil, Vanilla planifolia fruit extract, Dipteryx odorata (tonka) bean extract, Lavandula hybrida oil, Pogostemon cablin (patchouli) leaf oil.

    31 reviews for New! AtopisMed Acne Prone Skin Gel

    1. Nicola Irving

      This product was a game-changer for my hormonal skin (28 yrs old). I used it twice a day for 6 weeks and saw most of the acne clear. I haven’t had these kinds of results with any other skincare range and truly believe it works. A little goes a long way and it absorbs into the skin really well.

    2. Luisa

      Its improving my skin tone and its feels great on my face but I’m still getting acne after a month. I’m using an spf 20 during the day instead of the radiant balance cream as I’m prone to pigmentation otherwise. Can u recommend a sunblock that might compliment your range for summer use?

    3. Emma Liesting

      This acne prone skin cream really works!
      I’m in my 50’s and been plagued with hormonal acne and other skin problems all my life. Having tried just about every cream there is for acne and skin problems, this is the first cream that has really done what it claims. Wonderfully effective, literally calms and reduces spots and irritation over night. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Cj

      Perfect for my skin.

    5. Erin

      Amazing range of products for Adult Hormonal Acne – I have tried absoulutely everything over the last 2 years and nothing has worked (including all the diet changes, supplements as well as a RANGE of topical products). This product along with the complete Atopis range for homronal acne improved my skin by 90% within 4 weeks. I NEVER leave reviews but this has changed my confidence so much – it works. I still get a few breakouts but they dissapear quicker, are less painful and less red and angry. I think the range works best as a complete skincare range. THANK YOU for your research and hard work!! The education emails around hormonal acne is awesome also.

    6. Hannah

      Having spent my whole teenage years with severe cystic acne and ending up on the OCP for 7 years, I have sure spent a pretty penny on skin care in my time.
      When I came off the OCP in my 20s I was disappointed to find that my acne was back and even worse than before. After spending what felt like millions on treatments I ended up on severe acne drugs – which worked for me.
      Fast forward to my early 40s and I am now concerned about my aging sensitive skin. I hadn’t been able to use anything other than foaming style cleansers otherwise my skin would clog up. But they are so drying on my skin.
      So thankful to have found Atopis. Ticks all my boxes (natural, NZ made, affordable) and it actually works on my skin.
      I’m still in the process of using up my old moisturiser – and can’t wait to switch to Atopis once I’ve used it up. But even without the Atopis moisturiser my skin in amazingly smooth, hydrated and healthy. Even the harsh winter elements don’t seem to be affecting it like they used to.
      THANK YOU.

    7. Anna

      I was becoming quite depressed about the condition of my (mid-40s, hormonal) skin and nothing was working but this cream made a big difference in the first day – I still have a couple of small spots but my skin is hugely more clear and calm, and any spots that do appear seem to disappear within a few days. Really pleased to have found Atopis and I highly recommend this cream.

    8. Suzanne Watt

      I’m 68 and have battled dreadful skin break outs on my forehead and down my nose for a number of years. Lumps, pimples, dry scaly skin. I have spent a fortune on product and have been to see a dermatologist. All to no avail. I remember reading about these products some years ago and suggested them to my friend whose grandchild has eczema. I never thought that they would help me.… However, somehow they came up on my Facebook feed and I was directed to the site, remembered the story and reluctantly thought I’d give them a try. I had been diagnosed with Rosacea so started with that. Didn’t make things worse (as some products have) but the improvement was minimal. I then decided to ask for advice and was directed to the Acne products. Initially there was a little improvement and then yuck it got worse but as they say keep working thru it and now the results are amazing. I can’t believe that I have almost normal skin again and if it doesn’t get any better than this I’m extremely satisfied. I wish I had taken before and after pics to show but I wasn’t expecting any improvement. Oh ye of little faith Sue… Can’t thank you enough Dr Iona.

    9. April

      After over 2 months my skin improved, but it wasn’t significant enough for me to want to continue. I use this on my back, so i quickly ran out of the product using twice daily.

    10. Isabelle

      I didn’t realise how well this was working for me until I ran out of product over the Christmas period and suddenly my skin was breaking out in a big way! I think I didn’t notice fully because it’s not a ‘miracle cure’. I still get the odd hormonal spot here and there but by and large I don’t get nearly as much action. It also took a long time for it to ‘work’, probably about 6 weeks for me. But the difference with and without use is reallllly noticeable for me. I’ve also noticed that while I’m using this product and I do have a breakout, I feel that it comes and goes a lot faster. It’s a few days instead of a full week of anything noticeable. So that’s another great benefit!

    11. Louise

      Definitely improvement in acne spots to the point I have stopped wearing natural glow and cream to cover up spots. Very pleased with product. I have had mild to moderate acne since I was a teenager and I am nearly 40.

    12. Kate

      This product has been such a success for me. I’ve been struggling with hormonal imbalances and adult acne since having my second child 2 years ago- this has so far been the ONLY topical product I’ve come across that has totally cleared away the cystic spots that were really getting me down. I would highly recommend to give it a go. The added bonus of being all natural is just the cherry on top for me as the journey for me to find a natural solution to my hormonal imbalance has been a difficult one. 6 weeks of using this product and I couldn’t be happier- thank you Atopis!

    13. Micaela Parker

      I was really impressed with this product for the first week. My skin was beautiful with no spots. However 3 weeks in and my skin is back to its original condition. Disappointing that it did not last as was really enjoying my new skin.

    14. Jen

      I wasn’t expecting miracles but this cream has really helped my skin to clear up and minimise hormonal breakouts. Nice and light and works with or without moisturiser as it feels light on the skin. Also doesn’t feel so ‘medicated’ like other similar products!

    15. Jo Franks

      I starting using it and within a week my skin had cleared up but as another reviewer said-the acne came back and i thought it just didn’t work for me (like everything else) but I soldiered on and am on my second tube now, so a month in and my skin has become used to it. It has regulated itself and not only is the acne going, but my skin doesn’t have dry patches, it’s smooth and dewy and i even look a bit younger (I think…!) I’m 33 and have had acne for too long-hopefully this is finally the end of it for me! Will definately be trying the other products 🙂

    16. Atopis

      Hi Eve,
      Thank you for the feedback!
      Quite often when someone first treats the area with Atopis the cream is clearing out bacteria that has been lying dormant in the pores. When this dormant bacteria is released it can result in pimples. Allow up to a month of use for the skin to calm and strengthen itself so it can break out of that pimple cycle. You only need to apply a thin layer of the Acne Prone Skin Cream twice a day to get on top of this. Stay in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns, [email protected] All the best!

    17. Rachel

      I am in my late twenties and have had acne struggles since I was fourteen. I wish I knew about this product then! I have tried everything – the contraceptive pill, harsh products, but they have all been so harsh and left me with very dry skin. After coming off the contraceptive pill my skin had a complete break out and nothing seemed to work, being unwilling to go back on any harsh medication for other health reasons. My doctor recommended Atopis and I could tell the difference within a week. All breakouts have now completely gone and scarring is minimising, plus I feel so much better knowing the product is natural. Have just purchased the cleanser and toner in the hopes these are just as gentle but effective. Telling everyone I know!

    18. Eve

      For the first week or so I thought this really worked! But then my skin went back to its normal pimply self even when I continued using the cream which was a shame. Looks like lots of other people have had great success though

    19. Sabrina

      I’m in my early twenties and have been suffering from hormonal acne for years. I’ve tried almost every product recommended to me and even though some have cleared the acne, my skin is often left dry and flaky before the breakout cycle just begins all over again. After spending $$$ on numerous products I had almost given up but Atopis has been a game changer! It is truly amazing!! The lotion is easy to use, smells pleasant and helps moisturize my skin, and as for the acne I started seeing results within the first couple of days! My breakouts had started to calm down and after a week my skin is looking the best it’s been in years! I can’t wait to see the result after a few more month! Happy skin here I come!!

    20. Karen Bryant

      Brilliant product-works for me and I am in my late 50s !

    21. Elizabeth

      Finally found something that clears my skin up! I am 26 and have had constant breakouts and acne scarring since I was a teenager. This is the first product I’ve used that actually works (apart from proactive, it worked but was way too harsh for my skin). So happy to finally have nearly clear skin!!

    22. Monique

      This product is absolutely amazing. Went on a new contraceptive pill a few months ago, and was having problems with initial breakouts as my hormones adjusted – mainly on my chin. After four days of use, I was pimple free. Two weeks later and I have no scaring, and hardly any redness that I would normally have. Nothing else has every worked like this!

    23. Rachael

      Purchased this cream fir my 13 year old daughter. A month down the track and her once spotty skin now is mostly clear and absolutely radiant. Highly recommend

    24. Kylie

      I went through the first 40 years of my life with flawless skin. Then I spent the next 3 years battling painful, angry cystic acne, that left me feeling and looking pretty crap. The more I tried to help my situation the worse it got. Two weeks ago I came across Atopis Acne Prone skin cream, read about it and thought it sounded a bit different in how it worked. Well I am thrilled to have my pre 40’s skin back! How this stuff worked beats me but in only 2 weeks all but 1 little spot remains (and scars, but even they are fading) This little magic tube has saved me. Thankyou!!!!!

    25. Susan Hamilton

      This product is the first thing that has cleared up my skin, and at 49 years old, I’ve tried a lot of products!

    26. Alysha

      I absolutely love this product. Since using Atopis my skin looks amazing. I use it every night, and no longer have to worry about potential new breakouts in the morning -they just don’t happen! I now get stopped in pharmacies and the like, and asked (by strangers!) what foundation I use -although I don’t wear any. I can’t recommend this product enough.

    27. Sana W

      I love how this product makes my skin feel! I’ve been using the cream for a few weeks now and haven’t had any hormonal breakouts so seems to be working so far. Looking forward to finally getting rid of my pimples for good!!!

    28. Jennifer

      My teens have been using the acne cream and love it, works more effectively and naturally than their medications. It doesn’t take it totally away but the difference is significant.”

    29. Rhianna, 22 Canterbury

      It has been great. I now feel more confident to not have to wear makeup.

    30. Robyn C – Hastings

      I bought some of the acne prone skin cream for my 13 year old son who has acne, almost immediately his skin improved. He ceased using all the scrubs etc he already had and just cleanses his face and then used the atopis cream. Much better now but because acne is hormonal I know it won’t take it away completely.

    31. Zak 16, Canterbury,New Zealand

      My face used to be covered in acne – not anymore. I feel way more confident..

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