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Get a free Decadent Body Lotion when you purchase together with Intensive Restore Cream and Rosehip Renewal Face Oil – the ultimate deluxe combo for face and body.

Anyone with dry, sun damaged or mature skin is going to love the intense renewal and decadent hydration all over the face and body with this pack.

Steps to get the ultimate glow:

1. Prep your face with Atopis Thoroughly Gentle Cleanser. Work it into a lather, then wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

2. Apply Atopis Revitalizing Toner to lock in hydration and prepare the skin for the moisturizers.

3. In the morning apply Intensive Restore Cream over your face and Decadent Body Lotion over your body.

4. At night add a few drops of Rosehip Renewal Face Oil before Intensive Restore Cream or mix together in your hand with Intensive Restore Cream and apply over face.

Your skin is luxuriously hydrated!

Our products are patented healing balms, made from organically sourced natural ingredients. See the full list of ingredients here.


Intensive Restore Day Cream 50g – For Mature & Sensitive Skin

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For skin that has lived.
Atopis Intensive Restore cream has been scientifically developed for mature skin that has lived and needs some tender loving care, intensive hydration and cellular restorative repair. Potent anti-aging and antioxidant Pine bark extract slows cellular aging, protects cellular DNA and repairs cellular damage. Non-comedogenic Hemp oil plumps the skin and intensely hydrates while highly luxurious kiwifruit oil naturally contains alpha linoleic acid and reduces wrinkles, calms sensitive skin and balances oily skin.
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Decadent Body Lotion 250g – For Sensitive, Dry and Sun Damaged Skin

For decadent skin nourishment and renewal
Atopis Decadent Body Lotion is scientifically developed to heal and hydrate dry and sun damaged skin. Softens, heals, reduces redness and inflammation, restores skin elasticity and provides relief for itchy or dry skin and leaves your skin feeling heavenly and completely hydrated. Suitable for hands, body, sensitive skin, scars, eczema, psoriasis and dry itchy skin conditions.

LIMITED EDITION Rosehip Renewal Face Oil 30ml – For All Skin Types

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For intense skin nourishment and renewal.
Made from 100% certified organic ingredients, Atopis Rosehip Renewal Face Oil has been scientifically developed with powerful bioactive ingredients to nourish all skin types and boost collagen production, even skin tone, repair sun damage and promote cell renewal.  Opulent luxury with a heavenly fragrance to die for.