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    New! AtopisMed Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream

    USD $25.00

    Clinically proven to reduce itching, redness and scaling.

    • AtopisMed is the new dermatological-grade formulation of the breakthrough science behind regular Atopis.

    • Clinical trials in the USA and in New Zealand show AtopisMed caused significant improvements in every symptom, reduction in severity, and improved quality of life.

    • Safely and effectively reduces itching, redness and scaling while also calming and restoring your stressed and irritated skin.

    • Clinical success means now approved for OTC pharmaceutical use in the USA.

    • Gentle yet potent, AtopisMed Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream will help get persistent eczema under control so you can get on with life.

    • Contains our globally patented multi-action Myrecil™ as well as prebiotic, probiotic, and natural immunity-supporting ingredients.

    • Does NOT contain any steroids,  solvents, artificial fragrances, parabens, or other common irritants found in other skincare ranges.

    • So safe you can use AtopisMed Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream on any external part of your body, and even on infants over  4 months old.

    Purchase this product now and earn 25 Points!

    Get respite from dry, itchy, irritated skin with this unique synergistic formulation of powerful natural ingredients designed to intensely hydrate and calm skin.

    AtopisMed Dry Itchy Skin Relief cream contains a soothing fusion of Myrecil® Botanical Ferment*, anti-oxidant Kawakawa extract and vitamin E, nourishing shea butter and macadamia oil, calming colloidal oatmeal, and anti-bacterial Manuka oil and honey.

    Atopis US-patented Myrecil® Botanical Ferment has been scientifically shown to restore the skin’s natural microbiome to a balanced state to reduce skin sensitivity, inhibit bad bacteria and promote the good beneficial bacteria.


    For best results, apply a thin layer on the affected area twice daily, or more often as required. Safe to use on infants over 4 months old.

    1. Note: if you have a known history of skin allergies please request a free  quick allergy test sample when you order.


    • Helps rehydrate and moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling softer.
    • Assists in revitalising and improving the appearance of dry, irritated red areas.
    • Helps combat the itchiness of dry skin.
    • Leaves skin looking healthier and more nourished.
    • Restores the skin microbiome balance.
    • Calms sensitive skin.

    Myrecil® Botanical Ferment (Cocos nucifera (coconut) water, Bee pollen, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil), Nothofagus fusca (honeydew) honey, propolis); Aqua; Macadamia ternifolia seed oil; Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter; Cetearyl olivate; Sorbitan olivate; Carthamus tinctorus (safflower) seed oil; Cetearyl alcohol; Vegetable glycerin; Manuka honey; Macropiper excelsum (kawakawa) Extract; Phormium tenax (harakeke) gel; Tocopheryl acetate; Sodium stearoyl glutamate; Colloidal Avena sativa (oatmeal) extract; Sodium hyaluronate; Leptospermum scoparium (manuka) oil; Dehydroacetic acid; Benzyl alcohol; Xanthan gum; Citric acid; Citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil; Citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil

    29 reviews for New! AtopisMed Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream

    1. Giorgia

      I have decided to give a try to Atopis after reading the good reviews on this website. I have been using a pharmacy cream with cortisone that wasn’t working on my eczema that was getting very itchy. I have been using Atopis Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream for over a month now and my eczema it is not anymore itchy and I can finally enjoy my life !! I cannot thank enough Atopis for this beautiful natural cream.

    2. Helen

      This cream is revolutionary for me. I’ve suffered with eczema on my face for most of my life. Consistent use over the course of a couple of weeks helps to clear patches that even steroid creams struggled to budge. I also use it on my son when he has flare ups and it feels so much better to be using something natural that won’t harm his skin long term or have other side effects. I love it and am so glad I discovered Atopis creams.

    3. Grazyna

      It really is an amazing cream. Heavy itch stops within a minute or two and it only takes a tiny amount. The cream on the cake is knowing that all the ingredients come straight from New Zealand’s native forests. I also used it on the inflamed spider bite on my back and it healed beautifully. Make sure to see a doctor if it’s a dangerous spider.

    4. Kymberly

      Before using this product , I had purchased over 20 different creams to relieve my sons eczema on his cheeks when he was a baby. This is the only product that worked. I only bought 1 or 2 tubes and that is all that was needed. I feel like it actually targeted the underlying issues with eczema instead of masking the symptoms. Im sure the probiotic in the cream removed and contolled the bacteria that coincides with eczema.

    5. Brooke Wereta

      Before coming across atopis, I felt like I had tried every cream possible for my skin. And for the last two years the eczema on my hands had gone from bad to worse which lead to me feeling depressed and embarrased. Only having tried the atopis eczema relief cream for a few days now, my skin has almost healed and isn’t painful anymore when doing everyday chores! I have every faith that with time my skin will be as it once was & I am so happy that I have discovered this cream! I will certainly be purchasing another in due time. Thankyou Atopis! ♡

    6. Violet

      I’m I my 50s and still having to deal with eczema. In the midst of a particularly bad eczema breakout that affected almost my whole body I started to apply Atopis dry and itchy ski cream. I am amazed at how improved my skin is after just a few days of use. And I was using some pretty strong steroid ointments before that weren’t making much of a difference! Will keep using as long as it keeps working so well.

    7. Melanie Gooch

      This product has worked wonders on our 3 year old son’s cheeks. Within 3 days his skin was soooo soft and healed. Before using the cream his cheeks had thickened skin, were bright red, and cracked. We will continue using this product and as parents we are very happy with how it has helped our son.

    8. Katrina

      I have had a particularly ‘gnarly’ patch of dry, itchy skin on and around my knee that was getting scratched raw almost constantly. And as soon as anything healed , a new batch of spots and scales appeared. Nothing was helping . I eventually got a script for a strong steroid cream from the doctor who thought it might /break the cycle’. Well I used it for two weeks as instructed and it worked while I was using it . But as soon as I stopped , back it came worse than ever. Since starting the Atopis product just over two weeks ago , the area has cleaned up and is looking less inflamed and the itchy scaley areas diminished almost completely. It is beginning to look like healthy skin again. If anything it looks better than it did whilst using the prescription steroid cream . I am really impressed by this product and will definitely be buying more and telling people about it .

    9. Jen Watt

      The weather’s turned cold and I got my regular ‘change of the seasons’ excema on my hand. It was driving me crazy, I struggled to hold onto things, and I tried about 4 other great-looking creams without success. Then I found Atopis and my hand was about 90% better within about two days, then cleared completely within about 1 week, with just two applications per day. I’m astounded! Thank you so much, Atopis!

    10. KJ Esapour

      I have never left a review as I have been searching for something that actually works for years! Many natural products later and many hundreds of dollars later I would like to say this product works and I do not say this lightly as many products I have bought through reviews only to be disappointed. My daughter has the most sensitive reactive skin you can imagine! She has suffered ezcema on and off all her life. She got a very bad flare up on her face days before she was due to fly out to USA to work n summer camp as you can imagine this was a huge emotional hurdle for her to handle. Luckily we stumbled across this product ordered it (only one tube thinking it wouldn’t work) and it was miraculous! No stinging no pain when she applied it and her skin started to rapidly heal! Now we had to find more tubes in 1 day as she was flying out to USA for 3 months! Contacted company and lucky for us there was one retailer in Auckland that stocked it we bought 2 more tubes! And my daughter has reported back from the states that her skin is AMAZING! So please if you are like us and tried everything give this product a go it really does work! So happy to have finally found something to help my daughter not just by her skin repairing but also her mental wellbeing being repaired also. THANK YOU.

    11. Ellen

      Hi Team,

      I’ve been meaning to give you my feedback for a while. Your product has made a big difference to my daughters skin ! The dry skin has gone and there are no pimples. She (and I) love your product and are now avid customers. No more Drs visits required and it’s great to have shown my daughter that it’s worth investigating natural options. Thanks for hard work in creating a product which has allowed us to not use steroids and gives overall, a much better result. Well done !

      Kind Regards

      Ellen Minchin

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    12. Wendy Blinco

      My hands were like dried leaves in Autumn, they were very dry and constantly itching and irritated, so much that I scratched myself into bleeding sores. All that was changed almost immediately and now I use it every day. In fact I have just ordered 2 more tubes as I never want to be without it again.

    13. Diane

      I have atopic dermatitis. I have been using a steroid cream which has dried out my hands and left my fingertips cracked. I have been using this cream for a week cannot believe the difference it has made. My hands look healthy, dryness is disappearing and the cracks are healing. Highly recommend this cream

    14. Lianne

      I bought this product a few months ago for a dermatitis problem. It was helpful with that but it’s real trump card for me was for a chilli burn on my index finger. After trying an ice pack for 10 minutes & constant applications of aloe Vera – these lessened the sting for a few minutes only – I applied this ointment and noticed an immediate dulling of the pain. Within 15 minutes the red skin had regained its normal colour & the sensation in my finger has almost returned to normal. Will buy again.

    15. Rachel

      This is our second tube and it has been amazing and quick relief for my teenage daughters eylid eczema. She wouldn’t be without it now.

    16. Paula Flannery

      This cream has cleared up the skin on my hands like nothing else! It’s not greasy and has a subtle smell. I highly recommend it!

    17. Vivienne leis

      I have had a large patch of dry itchy skin on my leg for years getting bigger every year used this product for over a month and it has just about cleared up amazing love it

    18. Lana

      This product is amazing! I work in a profession where I am forever washing and sanitising my hands and my skin really reacts to that giving me itchy eczema over my hands. I was using a hydrocortisone cream from the doctor which wasn’t improving the eczema but gave me some itch relief. After hearing about this product I immediately ordered some and had instant relief. I have been using this product for just about a week now and my hands have 95% cleared up. I wish i knew of this product sooner as I would have started using it a long time ago. Highly recommend this to anyone!

    19. Alysha

      I used to get severe eczema breakouts on my hands, face and elbows. I had tried every option from doctors and pharmacies; steroids, emollients, you name it. Only after trying the dry itchy cream did my skin calm down and clear up. As I have allergies and sensitive skin, this product being natural really suits my skin type.

    20. Toulia

      I’m really impressed. I’ve been using this cream for two weeks and it has significantly helped my eczema. Although it’s not gone completely, it really helps with the itching. Every other cream I’ve tried has always made the itching worse.

      Very impressed with this product.

    21. Cassandra

      After a month of trying all sorts of natural products for my 7mth old, this was the only one where I saw results within 24hrs. It’s now been 5days and his eczema is almost all gone!! To top it off it also smells amazing 🙂

    22. nev Pio

      After 4 months of my son suffering his worst flare up of eczema on his face ever.. Atopis cream had given him peace and relief at last, Only 2 days after using Atopis Dry itchy skin cream, i could see a difference from rough and pale to smooth brown skin. It has been a major relief during the night he can sleep without itching, Atopis is wonderful not only has it hepled tremendously in healing my childs skin, his confidence is coming back and finally able to enjoy social life and school once again. Thank you very much Atopis

    23. Toni Stritzke

      I bought this for my husband who had a break out for eczema. While it didn’t suit him because he’d already started using another cream, I found it just fantastic. I have very dry skin, like blotting paper when it comes to moisturiser, so I decided to try out this cream on my face. I liked its faintly medicinal scent. I’ve been using it now for three weeks and an unexpected side-effect, is that the horrid cyst on my lower eye lid has started to disappear. What a bonus!

    24. Steph

      I am amazed at how fast acting this cream is. I have been suffering for 8 months or so with intense itching to the palm of my right hand.. I have tried a number of things and many have only inflamed it further. Waking in the night scratching a layer of skin off is not fun and resulted in bleeding cracks opening up. Recently dry patches had broken out around my mouth and eyes so I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and cranky about everything. I received my order quickly after seeing a Facebook ad. The first time I applied it I could tell it was different to anything I had previously tried. No intense stinging, just a calm soothing sensation not just to my hand but also my eyes and mouth. I cannot wait to experience being rash free entirely, which I think will be just a couple more days. I’m going to order the other products to rehydrate my very dehydrated skin. Thanks so much for your amazing efforts bringing this product to market.

    25. Daisy 27 – Canterbury

      I’ve been using Atopis to soothe my eczema, which comes up in small patches on my legs and arms during the warmer months. After using Atopis for one night, I immediately noticed the difference – the hit of moisture took the dryness away and the redness (sometimes around broken skin) seemed to look less severe. After a few days, my eczema disappeared altogether. I love that it’s natural and saves me from using steroid creams that change the pigment of my skin.

    26. Michelle T – Tauranga NZ

      Thanks to Sue B for commenting on this product on FB which lead me to trying some too. I am now a VERY satisfied customer. 54 years suffering eczema and this is the first time I have had a product that has delivered on its promise. Will be placing another order next week and keen to try the face cream.

    27. Ashleigh Stokes – Christchurch

      I am truly grateful of your product! I was in tears for my baby but then came across your cream, researched myself and liked what I read!
      You have no idea how grateful we are!!! This stuff is absolutely amazing!! Cannot rave enough about it!!!

    28. Julia, 33, Canterbury

      The best thing I’ve had in the last year when I suddenly got psoriasis all over has been Atopis. Nothing from my doctors worked whatsoever! Their prescriptions made me itch more. This cream is my Holy Grail, my legs took one slather of this cream and I didn’t itch and I cleaned up nice on my legs! I recommend this 100%!! Amazing!

    29. Diane Hughes

      Bought it, used it, love it. I have psoriasis (mainly scalp, finger and toe nails) but also on my elbow – plus very dry patchy skin. This product works very well – helps to reduce the persistent patch on my elbow and leaves my skin (arms and legs) moisturised and blemish free. Can’t wait for you to bring out a suitable shampoo!!!*

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