Mature Skin Pack For Sensitive, Dry or Mature Skin

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Get a free Thoroughly Gentle Cleanser when you purchase Anti-Aging Cream & Revitalizing Toner together.

Our most popular products work in synergy to heal and protect your skin, leaving you with a healthy youthful glow.

Steps for perfectly balanced skin:

1. Prep your skin with the Thoroughly Gentle Cleanser, then wash with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

2. Apply the Revitalizing Toner to lock in hydration and prepare the skin for the moisturizers.

3. Apply the Anti-Aging Cream over top as a moisturizer.

Our products are patented healing balms, made from organically sourced natural ingredients. See the full list of ingredients here.

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Thoroughly Gentle Cleanser 125g – For Sensitive, Hormonal, Acne Prone & Mature Skin

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Gently cleanses and balances skin
The Atopis Cleanser is scientifically created by infusing anti-inflammatory kiwifruit seed oil with healing Harakeke flax gel and anti-microbial kawakawa. Separately a proprietary infusion blend of Kumerahou with its natural lathering properties and Orange peel with its exfoliating, calming and astringent properties, are saturated into avocado oil, before it is all brought together in a base to create a 100% natural calming, gentle cleanser.
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Revitalizing Toner 125g – For Sensitive, Hormonal, Acne Prone & Mature Skin

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Prepares your skin for moisturizers
Scientifically formulated by infusing anti-inflammatory astringent orange peel extract into soothing aloe vera gel. Astringent witch hazel, hydrating watermelon, anti-bacterial manuka, and healing harakeke gel are infused into the aloe vera hydrosol to prepare and protect the skin. Into this is added gold kiwifruit bioactive to protect and enhance collagen and elastin synthesis for a revitalizing treatment toner. A treatment toner to prepare the skin to enhance the effectiveness of your moisturizer.
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Anti-Aging Day Cream 50g – For Mature & Sensitive Skin

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For skin that has lived.
Atopis anti-aging cream has been scientifically developed for mature skin that needs some tender loving care while navigating the journey as our hormones fluctuate wildly. Myriphytase our patented botanical ferment has been clinically shown to reduce redness, intensely hydrate, soften and revitalize mature skin. Myriphytase has been scientifically shown to slow the cellular aging process, and to regenerate and retexturize the skin.

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Our most popular products work in synergy to keep your skin healthy, balanced and youthful.