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    Atopis® skincare is 100% natural, made in New Zealand and scientifically developed with innovative patented technology and our unique ingredients.



    Learn more about our patented hero ingredient: Myrecil®

    Atopis Myrecil® botanical ferment is internationally patented technology U.S. Patent 9,877,991. by Dr Iona Weir. Our skin creams all contain Myrecil®, which is an innovative-patented healing botanical ferment, and consists of the all-natural ingredients below. It is created using our unique patented fermentation process.

    The process is similar to when you make kefir, where milk, grain and bacteria/yeast are combined together and fermented. This fermentation results in lactose being converted into lactic acid and thus no longer causes gut allergies in those who are lactose intolerant. Lactic acid also works as a prebiotic by promoting good gut health and gut microflora.

    In the same way, our fermentation process converts the allergenic proteins of ingredients such as bee pollen into cell-renewal peptides rendering them no longer allergenic. It also creates short-chain fatty acids from coconut myristic and lauric acids for immune function and plant enzymes to promote your skin microflora, as well as antioxidant flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. We also harvest the peptides from probiotic bacteria and conjugate these to lipids to create peptilipids™, to stimulate your skins natural beneficial bacteria to restore your skin to a natural healthy balance.



    The power of Myrecil® to protect and rejuvenate your skin