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Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream:

“I use it as a treatment and preventative. I love that it’s natural and saves me from using steroid creams that change the pigment of my skin.” – Daisy, 27, Canterbury

Acne Prone Skin Cream:

“The acne cream has been a God-send and has cleared up my face so much I couldn’t believe the results after such a short time.” – Jess, 18, Canterbury

Anti-aging Cream:

“Within weeks, I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth had improved and my skin began to glow and look more radiant. There was a period in the middle of last year when I couldn’t get hold of Atopis and I had to revert to my previous brand and I noticed a difference within weeks that my skin looked tired and dull.” – Miranda, 50, Sydney

Video reviews for Dry Itchy Skin Relief Cream (eczema – psoriasis)

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Julia 33 provides her second amazing update, after using Atopis Dry Itch Relief cream for a number of weeks after her update video below. Julia now feels her skin is “back to normal”. She no longer wakes up itching during the night or with sore skin in the morning and is confident enough to wear dresses in public again. “Yay, I’m healed,” she says.

Julia 33 suffers from severe psoriasis on both legs. This is her first update. She has tried lots of steroid treatments, which come highly recommended by her dermatologists, but found that none of them have yet made a difference to the lesions. We checked in with Julia and her Mom for feedback after using Atopis Dry Itch Relief cream after a couple of weeks.

“It’s been really effective for eczema, I put it on at night and it feels real, which is cool. There’s no chemical feeling and in the morning my skin felt terrific,” Lucas, 21, says after using Atopis Dry Itch Relief cream.

Louise suffered from eczema and sensitive skin around her eyes. “The improvement around my eyes was amazing, and I started to feel more confident in myself. My skin was radiant,” Louise, 50, says after using Atopis Dry Itch Relief cream.

Video reviews Atopis Acne Prone Skin Cream (restores confidence)

“Having the medication as well as the cream is definitely the solution … my advice to anyone with bad skin is don’t suffer in silence and do something about it. Atopis really worked for me,” Rhianna, 27, says after using Atopis Acne Prone Skin cream.

“My face used to be covered in acne and now it’s cleared up and I feel heaps better about it,” Zak, 16, says after using Atopis Acne Prone Skin cream.

Video reviews for Atopis Anti-aging Cream

“Within a week to two weeks, I noticed a reduction in the fine lines around my eye area and on my forehead,” Julie, 45, says after using Atopis Anti-aging cream.

“I don’t wear makeup anymore … For the first time, I’ve found a product that really makes me feel I can go out and not feel self-conscious about dry parts of my skin or like I say hormonal acne around my chin,” Lisa-Marie, 45, says after using Atopis Anti-aging cream.

It’s the only moisturizer I’ve found in the past year that hasn’t made me breakout,” Laura, 22, says after using Atopis Anti-aging cream.

“I noticed within the week that my skin was more hydrated, smoother and a lot softer … I’m really happy with my skin … I’m so happy with it that I’m using less makeup,” Kate, 26, says after using Atopis Anti-aging cream.

(*) Please note that results may vary from person to person

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