By Dr Iona Weir PhD
Chief Scientist and CEO
Atopis Skincare


In my early days working as a Scientist I developed techniques that would allow for high-throughput screening of the DNA and biochemistry of individual cells and applied this to kiwifruit breeding.

This meant that when hybrid seedlings were produced the characteristics of the potential fruit could be identified and quickly ascertained to determine the value of the seedlings. My techniques were used extensively within the kiwifruit breeding program including the gold kiwifruit and kiwi-berries.

This technology was also used to identify the bioactive components within kiwifruit and their efficacy.


Of all the fruit, kiwifruit has benefits for the gut and skin that make it a superhero.

Kiwifruit is known as a meat tenderizer and this is due to the protease enzymes which digest protein.

These proteases (which break down the protein in cells) have been shown to increase gut motility (movement), protein digestion and modulate the gut microbiome (Weir et al, 2008).

The kiwifruit extract Phloe I was a part of developing in 2006, is a prebiotic that not only promotes the growth of good gut bacteria, it also inhibits the growth of bad bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. (Weir Patent No. 2015/0037315).


Kiwifruit has been clinically shown to enhance protein digestion and improve metabolism resulting in decreased fat absorption, lowered cholesterol and reduction in hunger cravings. (Weir et al., 2018).

Kiwifruit is also a potent anti-inflammatory food if you are not allergic to kiwifruit.

Clinical trials have shown that kiwifruit reduces inflammation of the gut by modulating the gut microbiome and regulating signalling receptors on the gut wall (Weir et al., 2018).


Kiwifruit and Your Skin

Kiwifruit is not just amazing for the gut, but also for the skin. Due to the improved digestion and metabolism this reduces excess sebum production and hence acne.

In my later research I discovered that amazingly, kiwifruit also reduces cytokine IL6 in human cells.

Cytokine IL6 is the cellular transduction molecule responsible for the inflammation that causes eczema. (Weir et al., 2008).

A reduction in this cytokine in the body effectively means that we can heal the cause of eczema and at the same time our skin creams soothe and treat the physical symptoms as well – healing the skin from inside the cell and out!

Using the latest biochemistry technique called lipid fractionation technology, I isolated and purified the component of kiwifruit pollen that reduces IL6 and included it in our US patented extract Myriphytase and added it to all of my Atopis skin creams. (Weir US Patent No.  9,877,991).

After I invented Myriphytase, it was clinically trialed in both New Zealand and the USA and shown to help human skin including an improvement in quality of life, an increase in skin quality, a significant reduction in the severity of eczema symptoms, and a decrease in redness, itching, and scaling.

Myriphytase goes into all of our skin creams and like our other 100% natural ingredients, is not made up of mere plant extracts – our scientifically enhanced food grade compounds are clinically shown to benefit human skin.


Weir I, Shu Q, Wei N, Wei C, Zhu Y (2018) Efficacy of actinidin containing kiwifruit extract Zyactinase on constipation: a randomised double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial. Asia Pacific of Journal Clinical Nutrition: 27 (3) 564-571.

Weir IE (2008) Zyactinase stimulates the probiotic gut microflora whilst inhibiting pathogenic microflora. International Journal of Probiotics and Prebiotics: 3 (4) 231 – 238.

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