When we say we are natural, we are. We ensure that the plants we source are not changed but keep the original state as they were in the New Zealand forest.

Instead of using solvents, or traditional extraction methods, we use nature’s own processes to fuse bioactives together in synergy.

We dive into the unique process that brings prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics together on the skin.



Just like our gut health requires good bacteria, our skin does too!

In 2006, Dr. Iona Weir patented a technology for a gut health prebiotic from kiwifruit that promoted the growth of good bacteria, whilst inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria.

What sets this science apart is that traditional prebiotics can only promote the growth of all bacteria.

This means that not only does the good bacteria grow, but also the bad bacteria is being kept alive too. When this process (in the gut) goes wrong it results in bloating. Dr Weir’s patented kiwifruit prebiotic successfully reduced IBS symptoms in clinical trials.

For Atopis, Dr. Weir took this concept further, and created another patented prebiotic that promotes the growth of the good bacteria on the skin, whilst killing the bad bacteria such as acne propionic and staphylococcus bacteria. Thus, only good bacteria can thrive.



It gets better; Dr. Weir encapsulated probiotic bacteria within the prebiotic so that the interior would remain dormant and stable within the cream until being applied to the skin.

The Atopis probiotic bacteria only becomes active when rubbed onto the skin, which releases them and allows them to grow and populate on the skin leaving no room for the unhealthy bacteria to stay.

This is especially vital when it comes to the health of the skin.



Postbiotics were developed by testing numerous plant extracts, fermenting them and identifying their skin benefits.

They were then synergistically fused together with the prebiotic encapsulated probiotics.

Only the best postbiotics for skin repair were selected after intensive testing. Atopis postbiotics have potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties.


Atopis brings prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics together giving your skin our ultra three-phase therapy.  Learn more about our ingredients.


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