The ATOPIS Story


The Atopis® Science Vision

Having worked across both the pharmaceutical and natural products arenas for nearly three decades, Dr Weir took a pharmaceutical science approach to developing and clinically testing the patented natural skincare products that became the AtopisR Skincare range.

The vision was to create a multi-faceted botanical ferment that would effectively rebalance the skin microbiome, slow down cell death, and boost immune function.

In the lab, Dr Weir invented a novel fermentation technology using plant enzymes to bring this vision to life. The result was Myrecil™, the patented botanical ferment that is now the foundational ingredient in all Atopis products. In combination with this, Dr Weir developed a natural manufacturing technology known as Myriphytase that is used to synergistically fuse the Myrecil™ botanical ferment into the skin cream base and other plant extracts without the use of excess heat, preservatives or radiation, to retain the natural integrity of the ferment as it becomes the AtopisR skincare range.

The technology behind Atopis® is covered by a suite of globally granted patents.

In addition to the Myrecil botanical ferment, Dr Weir has also developed and patented PeptilipidsTM, a polymolecular complex that is created during our botanical fermentation process.


Mechanism of Action

Myrecil™ has been scientifically proven to have greater efficacy to topical retinoids, but does not contain any retinoids and thus does not cause the side effects that are possible with their use.

Retinoids are popular in the cosmetic industry due to their ability to slow cell division and death and increase immune function, but they can trigger side effects such as redness, irritation, sun sensitivity and itching.

Using high-tech cellular science the botanical ferment Myrecil™ has been scientifically proven to boost hyaluronic acid in skin cells, rebalance the microbiome, alter cellular immune responses and promote cell renewal.


US OTC Registration

Two clinical trials were undertaken to test the efficacy of Atopis products, the first in the United States and the second in New Zealand in conjunction with St Andrews University, Scotland.

Following the success of these trials and the extensive science and clinical portfolio of data, Atopis achieved Over The Counter Pharmacy registration in the United States for the Atopis® Eczema Therapy cream and began selling in 2019. Achieving this registration required that Atopis pass the US Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturing requirements for an OTC product, whilst also remaining 100% natural. In order to achieve this registration, Dr Weir invented a novel manufacturing process that eliminates the need for excess heat, extra preservatives or irradiation.

In the coming months, Decima will register other Atopis® creams targeting rosacea, acne and psoriasis for sale in the OTC market in the US, as well as expand the Atopis® range and isolate and structurally elucidate (isolate to one cell) the patented complex responsible for the retinoid-like activity.