Intensive Restore Cream - for Mature Skin

For skin that has lived.

Atopis Intensive Restore Cream has been scientifically developed for mature and dry skin that has lived.

This product promotes skin rejuvenation with intensive hydration and  deep within at cell level using the power of Myriphytase, our patented botanical ferment, to plump the skin and reduce wrinkles, restoring a healthy, youthful Atopis glow.

Atopis Intensive Restore Cream has been scientifically tested and shown to:

Evens SkinTone and Reduces Pigmentation – reduces the redness from sun damage on face and decolletage and fades age spots, evening skin tone.
Intensely Hydrates – a scientifically formulated blend of peptides, lipids, and mitochondrial boosting antioxidants work at the cellular level to hydrate skin.
Helps Plump Skin And Reduce Wrinkles – promotes skin rejuvenation and restores epidermal function to soften lines and wrinklesand revitalize mature skin
Myriphytase has been scientifically shown to promote cell renewal –  protect against environmental stress and rejuvenate and retexturize the skin
Antioxidant Pine bark extract protects the cellular DNA and mitochondria from environmental free radicals such as UV, ozone and blue light.

Non-comedogenic Hemp oil plumps the skin and intensely hydrates while  kiwifruit oil naturally contains alpha linoleic acid and reduces wrinkles, calms sensitive skin and balances oily skin.

Hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration while antioxidant Pohutukawa extract and highly hydrating, camelia seed oil to promote cell renewal and improve skin elasticity.

Along with skin smoothing retinyl palmitate, vitamin E, protective jojoba oil and anti-microbial manuka honey, these ingredients are brought together to promote skin rejuvenation and create a 100% natural skin cream to plump the skin and reduce wrinkles, restoring a healthy youthful glow.

Directions: For best results, use both night and day.

Please note: If you get the occasional pimple and have dry skin then Intensive Restore Cream will be great for you. While Intensive Restore Cream will inhibit acne-causing bacteria, we do not recommend you use it if you have acne-prone or oily skin as you will likely find this cream feels too hydrating for you. For acne-prone skin, use our Radiant Balance Cream.

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